Educational Field Trips & Group Tours

Field trips for students at the Major Ridge Home are structured to meet Georgia State Standards and are age appropriate. Each program is approximately 45 minutes to 75 minutes in length.

Major Ridge was one of the most important people to live in Northwest Georgia. He was a wealthy Cherokee leader who advocated constantly for his people, ultimately becoming a signer of the Treaty of New Echota, which called for voluntary Cherokee removal to the west.  When Cherokees who refused to voluntary move were forcibly removed from their homes in 1838, nearly 4,000 of them perished along the Trail of Tears. We tell the story of the Cherokee and the Ridge Family.

The National Park Service website contains many useful resources for teachers, including a section on lesson plans, found at this link, Teaching With Historic Places.

We look forward to serving your educational needs during your field trip to our site. You will find information about our programs in the forms listed below:

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