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Chieftains Events


  • August 1
    Rolling on the Rivers Tour

    Rolling on the Rivers Native American History Tour with Tony Harris

  • August 11 - August 21
    Ford, Gittings, & Kane Annual Kickback to the Community Event

    Chieftains Museum has been selected to participate in the Annual Kickback to the Community with Ford, Gittings, & Kane Jewelers. Here is how this fundraiser works: To participate in the silent auction at FGK, you must have a bid card.  Bid cards for the silent auction can be purchased for $10, of which Chieftains receives 100% from the bid card purchase. If an auction item is won by someone designating Chieftains as their 501 (c)(3), Chieftains receives 10% of the auction price. The silent auction is scheduled to start August 11th and end at 2pm on August 21.  Bids can be placed in person or by calling FGK. Bid Cards can be purchased at the museum, or at FGK. If you would like to sell bid cards for Chieftains, they can be picked up at Ford, Gittings, & Kane or from the museum. Bid cards are $10 each and can be purchased with cash or check made payable to Friends of Chieftains.

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