Plant Lore of the Cherokees

Date(s) – Jan 27 2012 until Jun 09 2012
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Each tree, shrub, and herb, even down to the grasses and mosses, agreed to furnish a remedy for some one of the diseases named, and each said, ” I shall appear to help man when he calls upon me in his need. When the doctor is in doubt what treatment to apply for the relief of a patient, the spirit of the plant suggests to him the proper remedy.”This special exhibit shares how the Cherokees used the plants which grew in their lands.  The  plants were used for food, for healing purposes, and in other parts of their daily life.   Some of the old stories have been replaced, but the beliefs have survived.  To many now, instead of the plants helping man, they believe that when God made this earth he saw that every plant had a purpose.  These old ways of  healing  and living were shared to the early white settlers, and once again they have been passed down to many people today.

Come to the museum and learn some of the “old ways”  to cure folks, to eat, or to do many of the old ways

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