Chieftains Museum 2015 Art Contest

Theme: The Cherokee in the War of 1812

Major Ridge was one of several hundred Cherokee allies who fought with the United States under the leadership of General Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812. For his victorious role in this war, Andrew Jackson gained popularity that helped him become the 7th President of the United States in 1828. As president, he worked to remove the Cherokee from their homeland in what became known as the Trail of Tears. Artists should depict their interpretation of Cherokee soldiers in the War of 1812 and how the nation they fought for could turn against them by 1838.

Contest Rules
*This contest is for 8th-12 grade students
*The number of entries for each category is limited to one per artist
*All artwork must be matted by the artist prior to submission
*All artwork must fall into the following media categories: pen & ink, pencil, pastel, watercolor, oil, mixed media
*Artwork submitted for the contest will be displayed in the museum and other public venues, with artist permission

Cash awards will be given for first, second, and third place winners. Certificates will be awarded for all entries. Artwork will be accepted at the museum from January 16—February 28, 2015. Winners will be announced April 2015.

For more information about this contest, please contact the museum at (706) 291-9494, email us at, or click here to view the art contest flyer.